Mini Violini

Their energy, their virtuosity:  simply stunning! 

Alain Lefèvre, pianist, composer, Honorary CMIM Patron




As a showcase for 5 Winners of international junior competitions, ages 10 to 14, Mini Violini will take place on May 27 and 28 and hosted by Mario Paquet. The 10 CMIM jury members will give comments and feedback to the violinists. Only one prize will be awarded: the Audience Award of $10,000!

The Minis will be accompanied by Suzanne Blondin and Claire Ouellet during their recitals on May 27.
On the second night, they will share the stage with Chamber Orchestra I Musici de Montréal, directed by Cho-Liang Lin (CMIM jury member). 

Tickets starting at $15*
Mini Passportini: $30*


The Minis

Emrik Revermann, Canada (10 years old)
Natsuho Murata, Japan (11 years old)
Hannah Tam, Hong Kong (13 years old)
Shihan Wang, China (14 years old)
Samuel Tan, Singapore (14 years old)


Concerts will be webcast on

* Plus taxes and administrative fees