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Violin 2023: The $7 3D-Printed Violin and its Creator 

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How can a passion for the violin be made accessible and affordable to all? This is the challenge that violinist Dr. Mary-Elizbeth Brown has taken on. The public is invited to attend a bilingual presentation on the innovative conception of a 3D-printed violin. Creator and project lead Dr. Mary-Elizabeth Brown will offer a talk and demonstration on the numerous possibilities of her $7 violin.

28 APRIL, 2:30 TO 3:30 P.M.

Bourgie Hall

1339 Sherbrooke Street West


Since violin-making emerged in the early 16th century, luthiers have incorporated new technology and scientific principles into their craft in an effort to create different sounds, increase resonance, amplify volume, and create more ease of playing. In late 2018, a Canadian interdisciplinary team asked the question: What happens when you transpose those same principles to the 21st-century? 

In this session, participants will hear the story of the 3-D printed instruments that made international news from the perspective of the lead musician on the team, discover the manufacturing iterations and materials that led to the final versions used in the premiere of the first-ever concerto written for 3-D printed instruments and symphony orchestra, and explore the sound concepts behind these instruments as the centuries-old tradition of violinmaking meets 21st century technology. Join us as we delve into the juncture of old and new, examine the results of such interdisciplinary work and look to the future of 3-D printing in the realm of classical music and beyond.  



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