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During this 21st edition, the eminent members of this international jury will listen to and evaluate the performances of 24 of the world’s most talented young violinists competitors. The jury members will choose the laureates and winners of Violin 2023, which will take place from April 22 to May 4, 2023. The CMIM will award more than $160,000 in prizes offered by our generous partners and sponsors.

Full list of Prizes and Awards.

A highly-respected arts administrator and director, closely associated with major international competitions, Richard Rodzinski will serve as President of the Jury for the Violin 2023 edition. This international Jury will be comprised of seven prestigious members: Koichiro Harada (Japan), Yura Lee (Korea/USA), Malcom Lowe (Canada), Mihaela Martin (Romania), Lucie Robert (Canada), Dmitry Sitkovetsky (United Kingdom/USA) and Krishna Thiagarajan (Germany/USA).


Preliminary Jury

Benjamin Beilman, Ilya Gringolts, Elissa Lee, Anne Robert, Guillaume Sutre, Andrew Wan and Timothy Ying.


Mini Violini Panel

Jinjoo Cho, Mihaela Martin, Richard Rodzinski and Dmitry Sitkovetsky.


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