The summer of renewal The summer of renewal

Dear friends,

Since March, coronavirus has forced us all to rethink our ways of doing things. The limitations are real and many; but the situation also invites flexibility, adaptability and creativity.

There are still many challenges to come, no doubt. But as deconfinement gradually unfolds around the world, we remain optimistic that we’ll be able to welcome you to the 19th edition of the CMIM in Montreal from May 25 to June 2, 2021.

In early May, in place of our postponed competition, we all had the joy of discovering several of the young pianists who committed to being in Montreal next year. Many of you followed this online festival Je reviendrai à Montréal  — over 209,000 of you, in fact!  —  watching our future competitors performing from their living rooms in cities around the world. The grand finale alone reached nearly 57,000 people.


– Je reviendrai à Montréal –

The grand finale of May 18 gathered 12 pianists from so many cities on the planet.
Together they offered us an impressive interpretation from Concerto BWV 1065 by J-S Bach.

* * * 

Cherishing the thought of reconnecting with you in the future, we wish a peaceful and happy summer where dreams are possible. May music invade your gardens and your hearts!