Message from the Executive and Artistic Director Message from the Executive and Artistic Director

Christiane LeBlanc, directrice générale et artistique du CMIM

Christiane LeBlanc

The global crisis driven by the CoViD-19 pandemic is a devastating situation for us all, and unfortunately obliges us to postpone the 19th edition of our competition until next year. Our hearts go out especially to the 24 pianists whom we were so looking forward to welcoming in May.

I want to assure these young musicians, as they pursue the love of music and the practice of their art in their confinement, that we are eagerly awaiting them at the other end of this crisis. They will come back to the stage and we will be there to help launch their careers.

“Music has charms to soothe a savage beast” as the saying goes. Right now, we all need this comfort in our souls. Our competition is counting on you. We have already begun preparing the way for 2021. Your invaluable support is crucial, now more than ever.

Looking forward to seeing you from May 22 to June 2, 2021.

Until then, let’s support one another and be safe.


Christiane LeBlanc, Executive and Artistic Director